All excuses are justified for a visit to the salt pans, covering the route of the flavours of salt and harvesting the salt which will bring out the umami and taking away a memento to be shared at home with friends at the table with stories that bring a smile to the lips. 



Visit to the salt pans + work on the salt pan (where the visit coincides with the work of harvesting salt) + gastronomic tasting + salt tasting + o seu sal (your salt). 



The visit begins with a short explanation of the area where the visit takes place and the reason for the location of the salt pans, including the area arising from a socio-economic activity. As the group moves on to the area of the salt pans, their operation is explained: the entry of water, the location of the sea, evaporation of the water before the formation of the salt. When the visit takes place during the harvest, the salt pan will be visited and salt collected with a final practical explanation. Where the visit takes place in the winter months when there is no production going on the visit will be made to a salt pan where the process will be explained leaving out the harvest (depending on the number of visitors, this part of the visit may last for between 20 and 60 minutes).

The visit then continues to O Armazém with a tasting of salt and a tasting of a Salina de Amêijoas (this may be substituted by a different bivalve) accompanied by a drink.

At the close of the visit the participants will take their salt with them (Fleur de sel – salt blossoms, in a Cortiço Magnum Salt shaker) and a photographic memento of the experience.


Duration of visit:

Some 2H00/2H30.



25,00 € / adults (an individual experience costs 30€).
Young people from 13 to 18 years, 50% discount.
Children up to 12 free of charge.