Fleur de Sel Mediterrânica
Fleur de Sel Mediterrânica
Fleur de Sel Mediterrânica
Fleur de Sel Mediterrânica

Fleur de sel Mediterrânica


Inspired by the Mediterranean diet which, until a few centuries ago, in the countryside, was little more than olives preserved in salt and water accompanied by bread and wine or a piece of bacon or a sardine in the good times while fleur de sel Mediterrânica uses ingredients that are processed by hand by regional producers.

So if the Algarve Manzanilha green olive is conserved in traditional water and salt, the chillies are sourced from a local producer who uses sustainable methods of cultivation. When making pasta, traditional dishes, eggs or fresh cheese, this is the ideal ingredient. 

A product certified as being hand-crafted with production methods similar to those attributed to the classification of a product as environmentally friendly.


Product characteristics:

Ref: 5040
EAN: 5600254650409  
Ingredients: Fleur de sel, olives and chillies (malaguetas).
Net weight: 100g
Gross weight: 130g 
Dimensions: 65x65x90mm

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