Fleur de Sel Piri-Piri
Fleur de Sel Piri-Piri
Fleur de Sel Piri-Piri
Fleur de Sel Piri-Piri

Fleur de sel Piri-Piri

More than just an aroma, fleur de sel Piri-Piri is a taste journey with a floral aroma for the senses and on the table, a delightfully piquant touch for all dishes, whether sweet or savoury. A delicately pleasant experience that begins with the selection of the seeds produced by small farmers who have become our friends through their adoption of a sustainable and passionate form of agriculture. 

A product certified as being hand-crafted with production methods similar to those attributed to the classification of a product as environmentally friendly.


Product characteristics:

Ref: 5042    
EAN: 5600254650423
Ingredients: Fleur de sel (Salt Blossoms) and malaguetas (chillies)
Net weight: 100g
Gross weight: 130g 
Dimensions: 65x65x90mm

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