A timeless journey into the world of tastes and sensations

How is the salt collected? What is life like on the salt pans? What is special about this activity that has always existed?

Find the answers to these and to many other questions by paying an unforgettable visit to the world of salt at the Salmarim Craft Salt Pans.

Choose one of the experiences available or exclusively designed for you and discover the joy of hearing the lapping of the waters on the tools and the chirping of the birdlife while witnessing the tasks of the workers in their measured movements on the small salt pans on a journey as old as the adventures of Ulysses. 

Everything begins at O Armazem, the meeting point arrived at on foot, beginning to make contact with the area and the four elements – earth, water, fire and air – without which there is no salt nor salination. 

Then you can find out why the salt pans are to be found in the south, their geographical location and the climatic conditions for the production of salt... While you are out in the open as you walk along take the opportunity to enjoy the landscape: watch the birds, try the plants and barefoot, feel the earth and its warmth with your feet in the water until you feel yourself to be a true salt maker harvesting fleur de sel.


Further Information

All visitors should wear a hat and sun glasses. 
You are advised to apply sun protection.

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