Tasty partnerships with Salmarim

Much more than just a fleur de sel, Salmarin aims to be the best; the one with a difference and that over the years, has a consistent quality that never disappoints. With a product where there is little human input, this is only possible due to the criteria for the selection and harvesting of that which is best formed.

Perhaps this is the reason that it has become the first choice for many chefs - Hans Neuner, José Avillez, Rui Paula, Miguel Rocha Vieira, Nuno Mendes, David Costa, Matteo Ferrentino, Noelia, and many others who, in both Portugal and overseas always have fleur de sel Marim in their kitchens. 

This is the option that is otherwise a source of great pride with a flash of excellence that Salmarim intends to continue to ensure, not only because this is the way it is but also to continue having the enormous pleasure of being a part of partnerships and projects that are very special.

  • The development of new products – Chocolate with fleur de sel with Claudio Corallo (São Tomé), La Molina (Italy)
  • The selection of fleur de sel by Arany Caviar (Hungary) with the collaboration of the chef Miguel Rocha Vieira *Michelin); 
  • The selection of traditional salt for the “enchidos” (Typical Portuguese smoked sausages) of Quinta de Folga (Soalheiro);
  • Loco Restaurante;
  • Participation with Makro, in the METRO Unboxed event in Dusseldorf;
  • Sangue na Guelra