Fleur de sel Algarve
Fleur de sel Algarve

Fleur de sel Algarve


The fleurs the sel is hand harvested in the Sapal de Castro Marim Natural Reserve, in this proposal our fleur de sel is artisanally flavored with mandarines from the Algarve, remembering the local flavors.

The Elements collection with the salt shaker made from recycled and recyclable materials, but with the aim of reusing it. Made from Portuguese natural cork, it contains a glass casing that allows it to protect the aromas, preserving them from light and impacts to preserve all its integrity, with an exclusive design developed by Nutsbranding and distinguished with the prestigious international design award Best of the Best Red Dot Award.

The fleur de sel Algarve, traditionally hand harvested, meets a flavor that is a memory of the Algarve, the mandarines from the orchards, picked in the fields surrounding Castro Marim. Ideal for a Margherita, enhancing a rack of lamb or sweetening grilled seafood.


Product characteristics:

Ref: 5051
EAN: 5600254650515
Ingredients: Fleur de sel and mandarines
Net weight: 50g
Gross weight: 140g 
Dimensions: 70x70x72mm

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